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Solamente Colors available in 2" x 3" samples individually or a complete set of all 89 standard colors.


Each Color Pak is the equivalent amount for a 50 lb. bag of clay plaster. The price of the Color Paks for the 91 standard colors are on a PDF document  you can print out. Just click Price List below;

           Solamente Color Pak Price List

Custom Colors

Custom color services are available and every effort will be made to complete these within a few days as we understand the need to get them to the customer ASAP.

            $40 charge for color development

             no minimum order of Color Paks


Display System

During the last four years we have developed a system that has worked well and is appreciated by Solamente clients. We mount the samples in these Magnetic Display Books. (2 books hold all 91 samples with room for 6 more.) Two magnetic strips are placed on each sample. Easy to transport, samples can be removed to play with a color palette. We keep a second set of samples from which we loan  a few to customers as needed.  We would like to make this possible for all of you.

           Magnetic Display Books: $60 each

             Bag of 200 Magnetic strips: $25


There are samples of all 91 colors that are approximately 3” x 4” available singly or as a set.

              Single Color Sample: $5.00

     One Box of all 91 Color Samples: $65.00

              Two Boxes of all 91: $100.00


We often need 1/2 Color Paks for amounts of plaster less than 50 lbs.

                 Please call for a quote


                                         ENJARRE COLOR PAKS

We will package enough color for 63 lbs. of Enjarre. Our experience and research has shown us that 1.2 regular Color Paks is needed for Enjarre to duplicate the color desired. We will package this and label it, indicating it is for 63 lbs. For pricing, take the price of the desired Color Pak x 1.2.

                                            SAMPLE AMOUNTS

Solamente will package Color Pak amounts for creating your own samples. We will package the amount needed for 1 or 2 lb. of plaster in any color.

                                         Sample amounts are $5 each



                                            CONTACT US TO ORDER

Email us :  Sally@solamentecolor.com

Call us:  505-205-5004  or  505-205-6010

Fax us: 505-404-0253

Once we have received your order, Solamente will email an invoice to you. This will be via Intuit PaymentNetwork, using an electronic check. Just follow the instructions - it is simple. For international sales you will receive an invoice via PayPal. Of course, you may always mail us a check if you prefer.

                                  *Prices above do not include UPS shipping*




One Book enough for half of the colors

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