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Solamente Color is a division of Solamente Clay Walls, LLC. We are not an affiliate of American Clay. We have been working with and promoting American Clay Plasters for over 8 years. We have created a range of colors designed to be used with American Clay Earth Plasters. For the first four years we have offered these colors to our residential and commercial clay plaster clients in New Mexico, and are now making them available to other plasterers, artisans, and anyone else interested in exploring the possibilities of color in the world of plaster. We are delighted to report that we are shipping Solamente Colors all over the US and Canada with reports that this alternative palette is creating plaster job opportunities that were not possible before. Solamente’s intention was to expand the market for American Clay Plaster, a product we care about passionately for its beauty and environmental qualities. We are delighted to see that it is working! A win -win for everyone!

We bring over 25 years of experience developing palettes with natural dyes and natural pigments to Solamente Color. Add a love of color plus an understanding of the importance of a palette with choices for all peoples and that is the Solamente team. We have fully tested, applied, and put in place strict quality control standards for all 91 colors.

Our colors are derived from mineral pigments

and are sold as blends of dry powders that can be mixed with most any kind of plaster. The pigments are stable and colorfast. Each Color Pak is designed to be mixed with 50 lb. of dry plaster. More specifically, all of our samples and photos of colors on this website were created using American Clay’s Loma plaster. The actual color you obtain will change if the Color Paks are added to other plasters. Due to the “natural” character of the pigments and of clay plasters, some variation may occur from batch to batch. Solamente recommends that all of our customers do their own color tests and create their own samples prior to starting  projects. Ideally the test batch would be done with the same lot of clay to be used for the project.

You may see more photos of our work with Solamente colors at:


  Cinnamon, Merlot

  Antelope, Merlot


  Sea Foam, Columbine

Jicama, Columbine, Sunflower, Jasper

Jicama, Sunflower, Thyme

Mustard Seed, Pumpkin

Merlot, Sunflower,Ginger Root